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Our Multi-State Course meets Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona and 
Florida State Requirements and qualifies you for permits good in 34 States.

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Testimonials about the Instructors

Just wanted to thank you again for an awesome class!  Dennis and I learned a lot and really enjoyed the rest of the participants too!  I would love to take you up on your offer some time to go shooting at the range.
Dana G.

It was a pleasure attending your class last Saturday.  It struck me that the class should be waiting-list full... I found your course to be informative, timely and useful. Well done.
Terry R.

"Val and George; wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed the class on this last Saturday. Great presentation! George convinced me of the need for specialized training in defensive handgun disciplines, and the fact that just because you own one doesn't mean you can use it to its true potential. A compettive shooter all my life, I look forward to gaining more knowledge and expertise.

Val, your presence was a big confidence builder for the ladies. I think the fact that a lovely, quiet spoken young woman could be so accomplished in marksmanship and able to defend herself with deadly skill reassured all of them that they COULD accomplish the same if they so desired.

George, your passion for the subject and for our precious rights and freedom reinforced everyone's belief that they are right in taking their safety into their own hands.Look forward to seeing you both again,hopefully on the shooting range!" Bill M.

"The class was great, very informative, well worth the trip I made up to Fort Collins. I have talked to others here who took a class from other instructors and your class was far better, Thanks. I will recommend your class to anyone wanting a CCW." Sam E.

"Hey, the class is just awesome!   George knows so much and has so much to share.   I really wish that I could have stayed longer and had gotten to talk to him more.   I can't believe how great of a deal the class was and they give you so much information.  I really will be taking more of George's classes in the future.  George and his daughter are such great friendly people that are always there to answer any questions you might have.  I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to acquire a permit.  Thanks a million."
S/O McFadden

What a wonderful experience to take your class.  You are a very special individual with a very special family.
M. T.

George is very knowledgeable and friendly and I found his teachings useful.  I learned a great dealů
April M.

George Flynn's enthusiasm and humor are enhanced by his obvious knowledge.
D. M.

George Flynn's course is the most educational and inspiring course I have ever taken.
L. M.

I'll be the first to admit that I was more than a little skeptical about the comments that I had read from past students of George's. Was he really that charismatic? Did he really have 30+ years of experience in the business? Yes! This guy is all that he says he is and so much more...Thanks George! I promise you'll be hearing from me again soon.
P. R.

Received much more than I paid for, extremely positive, and takes time for each person - Great feedback and I'm already using what I've learned.

"Presented material in very Practical useable Manner - A very good value! ... Entertaining - Knowledgeable, Goes out of his way to help students!"
J. S.

George is more than helpful and encouraging. He is extremely knowledgeable.
J. M.

Excellent Instructor with powerful Teaching Methods. His content is very real world oriented.  It was an outstanding course.
Jennifer B.

George is a marvelous instructor.  He intimately knows his subject and conveys his knowledge to students in an engaging way. Indeed, George conveys his excitement for his subject.
J. S.

This is an amazing man. Received much more than I paid for, Unbelievable man, Gives each student a great feeling of hope.
S. W.

Lots of information presented with warmth & humor, instructor truly interested in each of us, generous with his time...Knowledgeable, interesting, eager to help each student find his strengths.
Jennifer S.


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