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Colorado CCW Site

County Sherriffs Links

County Sheriffs of Colorado
(Resident Permits Only)

Reciprocity & Permit Info Links

(Resident & Non-Resident Permits)
Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity

(Resident Permits Only)

Gun Laws By State

Attorney / Legal Resources

Bloomfield Press: Publisher of layman's guides to federal and state gun laws; check the Updates and Position Papers and search links

The Traveler's Gun and Knife Law Book

Preparedness Links

Kenny Lewis's website


George Flynn: Words of Freedom - Men of Honor



Links Directory

Research Links

Concealed Carry & Firearm Laws

Disciplines Links


Christian Links

Links for Ladies

Essential Oils &Emergency Preparedness

Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment

The Cornered Cat

The Shooting Basics ...
Choose a Stance by Kathy Jackson

Teach Your Wife to Shoot?  Cornered Cat offers some advice for male gun owners with female life partners

Second Amendment Sisters

Organized in response to the Misinformed Moms March, 100% pro-choice on the basic human right to self-defense


Association of Women's Self Defense Advancement

Offers a variety of opinions and information
about defensive firearms for women

Liberty Belles

Written by George Flynn

FREE Book & Video

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to request a copy

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Resource Links
Ammo, Equipment, Self Defense & others

Michael Kole Designs
Custom Leather for CCW

Self Defense Ammo
Click to Order


Pachmayr : Handgun Grips, Recoil Pads & Firearm accessories.
Check out their DeCelerator Grips.

Self-Defense Zone: crime prevention, personal security, self-defense, martial arts, weapons, women's self-defense, terrorism, website directory

Self Defense Articles & Research Links

Colorado Custom Cartridge Company LLC
Our Mission is to provide each customer the precision shot they need. Whether it be hunting or target shooting we will work with you to identify and create the perfect recipe for your perfect shot.

Clint Smith DVD Series

Gunsmithing Colorado School of Trades 

    "Door Devil" Door Security - Upgrade your doors with anti-kick door security by reinforcing door frame with 48" of steel.  A necessary partner for any home security system. Typically installs in 30 minutes.



Gun Stores

Loveland, CO 

Orchards Shopping Center on northeast corner of
Hwy 287 & 29th St.

They're in the same shopping center as King Soopers and Office Depot.  Get maps and driving directions from Google Local by clicking here.


125 Carpenter Road, Unit C
Fort Collins, CO 80525
 (970) 612-1911

Westminster, CO

Fort Collins, CO

Windsor, CO

1002 31st Ave,
Greeley, Colorado
Phone: (970) 616-2621


Gun Shows

Tanner Gun Show

Oct. Gun Show
Times, Details & Show Coupon at: www.PEShows.com

The Colorado Gun Collectors Annual Gun Show


Intro to Range Safety & Etiqutte Video

Indoor & Outdoor Ranges

Estes Park Gun Club - Private (annual membership) has both an indoor & outdoor range. ...more info



Cheyenne Rifle & Pistol Club - Private (annual membership) range with public days with rifle and pistol (25-500+ yards) located slightly NE of Cheyenne. Has both Indoor & Outdoor Ranges.

Check out WhereToShoot.org to find additional ranges

Colorado Gun Ranges

Wyoming Gun Ranges

Have a Range
you'd like us
to link to?

Send us a link!

Indoor Ranges

Greeley Rec Center - Greeley Rec Center at 651 10th Ave has a 50 ft indoor small bore and pistol range open to the public

Front Range Gun Club - Private (annual membership) indoor range with rifle and pistol (25 yards maximum) in Loveland

Rocky Mountian Shooters Supply - Public Indoor Shooting Range in Fort Collins.  (Annual membership optional.)

Shoot Indoors - open to the public.  No reservations required.Handicap accessible.  (Broomfield)

Trigger Time Gun Club - located just west of I-25 & south of Highway 119. (Longmont)


Outdoor Ranges

Colorado Clays Shooting Park - open to the public. Handicap accessible. Shot gun rental and golf carts available. (in Brighton)

Pawnee Sportsmen Center - Public (pay hourly) range with rifle pistol (25-200 yds) approximately 18 miles east of Ault on Hwy 14 (Briggsdale)

Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club - Private (annual membership) range with rifle and pistol (25-200 yards) approximately 15 miles north of Fort Collins on Hwy 287

Weld County (High Plains) Range - Private (annual membership) shooting range with rifle and pistol (25-200 yards) approximately 6 miles east of Ault on Hwy 14


Colorado Ranges or Search for Ranges in other States


Research Links

Concealed Carry & Firearm Laws
Click for more Law Resources

A database of laws and related information pertaining to the carry of firearms with linked references

National Rifle Association - Institute for Legislative Action
Clicking Firearms Laws will get you summaries of most state and Federal gun laws

ATF Online, Firearms Area
Federal firearms laws and regulations as seen by the people who enforce them

State Constitutional RKBA Provisions
Constitutional right-to-keep-and-bear-arms provisions from those states that have them, original and updated

Legal Community Against Violence
Anti-gun attorneys maintain this site that shows, state by state, what infringments have been enacted against the RKBA

Bloomfield Press
Publisher of layman's guides to federal and state gun laws; check the Updates and Position Papers and search links

Second Amendment Law Library
An independent source of legal scholarship on Second Amendment issues

Dates and Cases
A time line, primarily of laws and court rulings which have progressively infringed on the right to keep and bear arms

Supreme Court Gun Cases, Summarized
A summary of the first 92 cases in which the U.S. Supreme Court discussed firearms or self-defense, with an addendum of four more cases, including Heller

Baltimore Law: Second Amendment Links
A comprehensive set of links with special emphasis on historical documents and court cases involving firearms

National Park Service to educate public on gun rights
Article on Examiner.com

Overturn the National Park Gun Ban
A website whose first project is to get the National Park Service to recognize concealed weapon permits

The Shooter's Bar
Dave Markowitz's list of attorneys who have told him that they are pro-RKBA


Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, Inc.
The Network is an organization of gun owners pooling their strength to protect one another when a member comes under scrutiny of the legal system after acting in self defense.

American Self-Defense Institute
Services for the armed citizen include pre-paid legal services for the first 72 hours following a self-defense incident. 

Constitutional Carry: FAQ by the
National Association for Gun Rights

Larry Pratt President
Gun Owners of America

Citizens Committee for the
Right to Keep and Bear Arms

A sister organization to the
Second Amendment Foundation

Jews for the Preservation
of Firearms Ownership

A hard-line, gun-rights organization with some fascinating information

Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
Medical professionals fighting the myth that guns are a public health problem


Disciplines Links



International Practical Shooting Confederation


Glock Sport Shooting Foundation

Christian Links

  • The Bible and Self Defense by ACLDN
  • St. Gabriel Possenti Society promotes the public recognition of St. Gabriel Possenti, Patron Saint of Handgunners

  • REALLY Useful Links


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