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Coaching Club
"Perfect Practice makes Perfect"

    Do you have a practice plan or are you procrastinating?  Did you truly mastered the shooting fundementals?  Have you mastered shooting with your non-dominate hand?  

    Do you know your limitations?  Have you figured out how to turn your weak areas into your strengths?  Would you like feedback on what you're doing right and how to tweak something to improve skills in an encouraging way?

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Private Coaching
$45 per session

Coaching is down at the
Front Range Gun Club.

Students are responsible for their own ammo, rental guns and target costs.

Eyes & ears provided by range
if student(s) doesn't have any.

Before your coaching session, please watch the NSSF's Intro to Range Safety & Etiqutte Video on the Links page.

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Overcome your procrastination and join the Coaching Club.  Become a member to improve your current skills and increase your confidence.  

Coaching Club Membership Levels

Bronze Membership - $75
upto 2 sessions per month

Silver Membership - $100
(upto 3 sessions per month)

Gold Membership - $120
(upto 4 sessions per month)

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Membership Levels

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Phone Number: (970) 556-3806


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