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"May your aim be true, your mind stay clear
and your heart stay warm."
 Valerie Flynn

Valerie Flynn, a certified NRA Instructor, has done a great deal of research into both what the law and moral implications of self-defense are.  As a layman, she shares her own research and findings to help others make decisions based on real information instead of fear-based marketing.

She is commited to indoctrinating her students with safe gun handling, her love of the shooting sports and the awesomness of quotes.  Just fair warning....

Contact Valerie at: (970) 556-3806 or classes @

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The Father & Daughter Team behind Self Defense Guns
Since George Flynn passed away unexpectedly in April 2011,
his daughter Valerie Flynn has been continuing on his teaching tradition.

George Flynn
NRA Instructor & Actor / Filmmaker
April 22, 1950 - April 13, 2011

    George Flynn held multiple NRA Instructor Certificates and was also listed as a Concealed Carry Permit Instructor with the State of Wyoming and Florida.

    For over 40 years, Mr. Flynn had been both professionally and personally involved in the Shooting Sports.  He’d been an avid competitive shooter in disciplines such as Combat Pistol, ICORE, Cowboy Action, Skeet, as well as other sports.  

    He also enjoyed hunting, collecting, and writing on firearms & related topics.  He had published and/or produced several books & videos on Firearms, Shooter Training, Concealed Carry and African Safari.

    His book & video “Guns for Women(released in 1988) reached and helped thousands of people, and also changed the minds and positions of many individuals who were not previously supportive of firearm ownership.  It's important to note that the Book & Video were the direct inspiration for the President of Smith & Wesson to reintroduce the “Lady Smith” line of handguns.

    “Guns for Women” was a natural outgrowth of his excellent reputation for helping new shooters buy their first firearm and begin to enjoy the shooting sports.

    He served on the Board of Directors of the Weld County Fish & Wildlife Association  and was currently serving on the Board of the Colorado Friends of the NRA.

    George was an award winning Actor, Writer & Director as well as the host of the "Words of Freedom" Radio Show.

    In recent years, he’s served as Screenwriter and Co-Producer on the Motion Picture "Set Apart" starring Richard Roundtree, (Shaft & Speed Racer) John Schneider, (Dukes of Hazzard & Smallville) and Jennifer O'Neill, (Rio Lobo & Summer of ‘42).

    He was also one of the Producers on “Tengu: The Immortal Blade”, a Sci-Fi/Action Motion Picture, starring  James Lew, (Kung Fu & Inception), & Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding & CSI).


George Flynn: Words of Freedom - Men of Honor


Valerie Flynn
NRA Instructor & Media Producer

Miss Flynn is an NRA Certified Instructor qualified to teach:

She's been a life long fireams & shooting enthustiast, completing her Hunter Education training at the age of 10,  and enjoys competive target shooting.  She served on the Weld County Fish & Wildlife Association Newsletter & Website Team for 4 years.  And is currently a member of the Front Range Gun Club.

She has assisted in classroom education since before 1994 in both media education and firearms/shooting sports related classes at various schools including:

  • Aims Community College,
  • University of Colorado,
  • Red Rock Community College
  • Colorado Film School,
  • Arvada Center for the Arts
  • Colorado Institute for the Arts
  • Front Range Gun Club

When George passed away some years ago, she decided to continue on her father's teaching tradition. For more information on her firearms safety training classes, please visit:

Valerie has numerous interests in various stages of rabbit trails of self study.  She enjoys wit, whimsy and listening to an eclectic assortment of music.  She dislike seafood, math and the sound of a chalkboard being scratched.  Hence her love of marker board drawing.  Greatest role models?  Her father and Annie Oakley.  Valerie explains why, "Not only was Annie an incredible shot, but she was a true gentlewoman."

Entertainment Industry Profile

Valerie Flynn provided 1st & 2nd Assistant Director and Production services for such clients as Mammoth Micro Prod., Turner Entertainment / Hanna-Barbera, Audio Entertianment, IBM Zenith, Cobe Labs, Active Entertainment, Movie Store Entertainment, Tele-Film Prod., Cinema Arts Entertainment, FanFareRecording Studio, Update Productions, Derryberry Audio Prod., City of Arvada & Golden and others.

In addition to working with George on their numerous media and Motion Picture projects, Valerie was also one of the producers of the "Words of Freedom" Radio Show.  Inspired into being from the Living History Audio CD.  (Listen to it online for free!)

Currently, she's semi-retired from media production work.  But, who knows what the future holds?  "The Shadow knows"  Ahem, right...   Anyhoo, Valerie loves talking shop and she's meet a few students who also worked in "showbiz".  People are amazing muilti-faceted beings.  Would you be willing to share your story with her too?


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Contact Valerie at: (970) 556-3806 or classes @


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