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Law / Ethics Videos

An Ethics video clip looking at the heart of the question, "Who is Responsible for Evil?"

Colorado Conceal Carry Database

Jim Manley on Winning the CU Gun Ban Case

Jim Manley from Mountain States Legal Foundation joins host Jon Caldara to discuss the 2011/2012 concealed carry on campus case he successfully argued before the Colorado Supreme Court. 

Massad Ayoob on what to say / do in the "Aftermath of a Shooting"

Ethics: Chuck Baldwin on "The Law of Necessity"  (Legalism vs. The Higher Law)

Safety / Shooting Fundementals Videos

Jerry Miculek's Shooting Tips Videos
Possibly the fastest revolver shooter in the world,
Jerry Miculek shares six instructional video clips.

(Text & Pictures from Videos)

Profile: Women's World Champion Judy Galoski

T.V. Show - Shooting USA 


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